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The dances of the English court were heavily influenced by what was happening in Europe at the time, particularly in France and Italy. Performances are based on carefully researched dance and music manuals of the period. Passamezzo Early Dance takes its name from the 'Passamezzo' - a typical 16th century Italian dance.

The dances are performed in lavish period costumes that have been thoroughly researched from primary sources. The fabrics, styles and even the underwear are as historically correct as possible. The overall effect is to bring the Renaissance to life.

Recent example shown here is a Torch Dance performed at Leominster Priory as part of a re-enactment of a Tudor masque.

The Passamezzo Early Dancers are often accompanied by the Border Waites, a five-part ensemble based on the municipal town bands common all over Europe between the 15th and 18th centuries. Their members are drawn from principle theatres and early-music ensembles including The Royal Shakespeare Theatre, The Globe Theatre, The Corelli Orchestra, The King's Consort & The Gabrieli Players.